Shadow Zone Forever
SZF6 2
The current version of Shadow Zone Forever.
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Team Team Covenant
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Weapons Front static spikes. And hatred. Yes, it hates you. A lot.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Shadow Zone Forever is a Heavyweight robot created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant, and it is widely considered to be his most famous and successful. Previously featuring a body flipper hinged at the back, its most recent incarnation relies on lots and lots of ramming power.

Shadow Zone Forever won its first title in ARC: Carnage, where it defeated Don't Flick the Beans for the crown. Its second title came in League of Robotic Excellence, where it flipped over Cryoseism for a knockout at 2:49.

  • The old Shadow Zone
  • Shadow Zone Returns (pre-Forever)
  • Shadow Zone Forever v1
  • Shadow Zone Forever v2
  • Shadow Zone Forever v3
  • Shadow Zone Forevermore (v4)
  • Shadow Zone Forever v5

He returned for Ruination: The Contagion in a revised guise, as a tribute to the late Wayne Static, from whose album he got his name, Shadow Zone. He went 15-0 in an undefeated run and claimed a third title, the 3rd robot to do so behind Underall and Klarinette.

Shadow Zone Forever is one of the four original robots of Team Covenant, entered into ARC: Reckoning alongside Scarab, Perseus, and Fulcrum. It far outperformed its teammates, going 9-3 as it fell to ACAMS' Riot Control 40-5 in the HW semi-finals.

KodeBreaker fiercely implies Shadow Zone Forever is retired... but you never know. :V

Robot HistoryEdit

League of Robotic ExcellenceEdit

Shadow Zone Forever's first week opponent was Fragmentor. Shadow immediately rams into Fragmentor, and slams it a number of times in the arena wall and pushes it into the saws. Fragmentor starts to attack Shadow's plow a couple of times and tackles the side armour, Shadow gets revenge with flipping it in the air a few times. It gets one last flip before cease is called, with Shadow winning a 24-21 judges' decision. Its next match was against Truth Or Consequences, with both robots slowly moving towards each other until Shadow charges at it but gets wedged. Truth or Consequences lifts it up as Shadow tries to escape but is flipped. Shadow is then chased but manages to self-right, until Truth or Consequences flip it once again with Shadow again self-righting itself. It tries for another flip but Shadow swiftly gets underneath its opponent and flips it. It self-rights but Shadow flips it again straight away, Truth or Consequences lands on its wheels and both robots are at a standoff. Shadow goes for a tackle but is wedged and is flipped into the saws, and self-rights away from them. Truth or Consequences gives another flip before cease is called, with Shadow losing to a 25-20 decision.

Its third week match was against Bulletproof Bomb, with Bomb rushing over to Shadow and wedges it, Bomb lifts it up and slams it into the arena wall. Shadow escapes and wedges Bomb itself and flips it, Shadow quickly pushes Bomb to the hammer but the damage is very little. Shadow backs away until Bomb charges over but Shadow flips it before it attacks, Bomb tries for a side swipe as Shadow follows its moves and gets underneath Bomb but slides off as Shadow mistimes a flip, Bomb then pushes Shadow into the wall as cease is called. Shadow wins the match via a 26-19 judges' decision. Shadow's next opponent was Lightning Bolt. Shadow dodges the weaponry of Bolt until it goes for an attack, but is hit in the side causing both robots to skid across the floor. Shadow then charges at its opponent but the same result occurs, Shadow immediately tackles Bolt into the wall. It rams it a number of times while it tries to escape, Bolt eventually does and takes off part of Shadow's armour before the cease. Shadow wins the match on a 25-20 decision.

Shadow's next match was against Mr. Death, which turned out to be the shortest match of LoRE. Mr. Death charges at its opponent but drives up the wedge as Shadow fires its flipper, sending Mr. Death into the arena wall with its wheels now above the ground, this immobilizes Mr. Death and is counted out. The sixth week opponent was Chemical X, and was one of the most disappointing matches of LoRE, where Shadow continuously slams and barges Chemical X into the arena wall with no offense from its opponent. Shadow eventually wins the match with a 45-0 judges' decision. The next match was against StrAtA. Both robots drive towards the centre and Shadow straight away flips it over. StrAtA manages to self-right from the wall until Shadow flips it back over, it self-rights once more until Shadow gives it a third flip and breaks a flywheel of StrAtA, causing it to stop working and StrAtA is counted out.

Shadow Zone Forever is scheduled to go against Dead Ringer For Love.

(to be completed)

Overall Record Edit

  • Wins: 56
  • Losses: 13

Trivia Edit

  • Shadow Zone Forever's ending name and predominantly green and black colour scheme, are based on the 1995 film Batman Forever. The name Shadow Zone itself comes from the 2003 album Shadow Zone by industrial metal artists Static-X. Strangely enough its theme "The Only" comes from the same album.
  • Shadow Zone Forever enjoyed some moderate success on FRA Fanfic, defeating Thor and NSBFL 7 winner M.O.R.D. 2 to win its heat final of The Chevron Championship 2. Sadly, the tournament has not been and will never be finished.
  • Shadow Zone Forever's initial design was inspired predominary by Hammerhead 3 of Roaming Robots fame. Hammerhead 3 has a box flipper that pops out from not only the front but the top as well; however, it can also run inverted.
  • v4 is, as far as KodeBreaker is concerned, the worst of the line. It was an attempt to combine a Wheely Big Cheese style flipper with Storm II ramming capability. It was scrapped very early on, but since it was fully rendered, it still counts as part of the SZF line.